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PP-R three-layer co-extrusion enhanced pipe

PP-R three-layer co-extrusion enhanced pipe has three layer structure with non-toxic pollution-free, healthy and self-cleaning, etc; with high pressure and high temperature resistant, Pipeline has the effect of low linear expansion coefficient; inherits the characteristics of aesthetics and convenient installation; makes up for low strength and big expansion coefficient characteristics of the traditional pure PP-R pipeline. It's the ideal pipeline of high temperature and high pressure water supply, heat radiator water supply and central air conditioning water supply.

»Performance features:

1, The linear expansion coefficient is only about 20-30% of ordinary PP-R products; it completely solves the telescopic difficulties of plastic pipe.
2, Reinforces the pipe rigidity to prevent pipeline sagging phenomenon, decreases the number and density of fixed supporting points, thus reduces the comprehensive cost.
3, Higher level of pressure resistance, longer service life under usual design vibration force.
4, Better heat resistant performance, obvious effect of energy conservation and consumption reduction: the normal usage temperature can reach 95-100 ° C if PP-R uses in hot water system. It can not only increase the medium temperature, and can reduce the thickness of the insulation materials to make the comprehensive cost lower.
5 Large water flows: under the same level pressure condition, the wall thickness of Piersa FR/PP-R pipes increases its inner diameter to improve the water flow.
6, solve the oxygen permeability problem of pipeline, the inside wall directly contacting with the water is healthy, non-toxic, good sealing, so it don't form sphagna. It totally isolates from outside air seeping into the pipeline, so as to inhibit the algae growth and keep fresh and pure water quality.