Company Culture

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Core Value
Treat society with highly responsible spirit, society will not abandon you, establish a responsible staff team to provide first-class products and services, the market will accept you. Piersa uses its responsibility system to continuously ensure the completion of each target, to realize its ideal and pursuit of stronger and greater company step by step. This responsible spirit has been materialized in its products, deeply entered into their blood, adhered to the enterprise brand; it has become our common value and core competitiveness.
Company Spirit
struggle, pragmatism, unity, innovation
Operation Principle
Seek fast speed in good products, seek progress in stability, and take risk control as the first place.
Management Principle
Struggle in unity; Perfect details; pursue the excellence.
Environmental Guideline
Care for nature, control pollution; Energy saving, sustainable development.
Quality Policy
Facing with the increasingly strong market competition coexisting opportunity and challenge, if the company wants to seek survival and development in the competition, it must update the quality management concept at any time, unceasingly enhances the level of technology and quality. The practice has proved that company relies on market, market relies on product, and product relies on quality, quality management concept has become the key of the market competition.
Employ Policy
Have excellent morals and good technology, take morals as first; Value performance, observe development, highlight the "win-win".
Occupational Healthy and Safety Policy
People-oriented, care for life, safe development, harmony and win-win.
Development Concept
Operate continuously, develop steady, and build a great enterprise.