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New and High-End Brand of Jiangsu Piersa—ABM Piping System
Eight years ago, Piersa took ABM as its subordinate pipeline export brand, made ABM brand show its product growth and strategic transformation. We have exported to Canada, Russia, Cuba, South Korea, North Korea and other countries, and have won many international certifications. Our service scope is widespread, involving piping, water heating, bathroom accessory, hardware, solar energy and other fields. We will use our award-winning technology and quick work process to achieve automation for improving efficiency, so as to realize the customer-centric solution, to keep innovation and creativity and excellent quality of pipeline industry. As the leader of pipeline system, ABM provides the safe, healthy, energy saving products and creates comfortable, environmental protection household environment for you.

ABM pipeline system reflects our advanced ideas and skilled technology, creates the brand positioning for the customer, you can feel our new product from its exterior and performance, we will be more focused on company sustainable development to meet customer needs, to ensure perfect the unified service standard at anywhere in the world.