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Jiangsu Piersa Pipe Co., Ltd. is a modernized, high & new technological, comprehensive enterprise entity with the collection of R&D, production, sales and installation services of all kinds of new type plastic pipeline, water heating and bathroom accessory. Specializing in producing PP-R pipe and pipe fittings series, PP-R three-layer co-extrusion enhanced pipe series, PP-R green pipe, PVC-U drainage pipe, polyethylene PE water supply pipe, PE-RT series of floor heating, etc. Based on years of leading technology and rich experience, it implements IS09001-2008 quality certification system taking the quality as the core, strengthens quality management and technology development capability to offer high-quality products to consumers.

One of our most important works is to communicate with partners and customers; this continuous communication is the basis of "rational build" and the basic condition of keeping high-quality enterprise products. On the premise of continuous product quality information, the correct and timely information feedback of "Rational build" can help us do better and more accurately. We have the precious suggestions from different areas across the country; these suggestions are the determinants of helping us to perfect and develop the products.

Humanized Concept:
Jiangsu Piersa is committed to provide consumers with more secure, more environmental protection and stronger products. The manufacturing technique of each product seeks for detailed perfect; its innovative design shows the pursuit of humanization. Environmental protection health index has reached to the national standards of health and safety to ensure the pure quality of water. Corrosion resistance, no scale formation, add effective antibiotic constituents in the tube wall to prevent bacteria, mould, to achieve effective antibacterial effect and to realize the second purification and safe water environment.

Technology Strategy:
Jiangsu Piersa, powered by scientific and technological innovation, constantly challenges the tradition, breaks through self, achieves innovation in the field of pipe for many times, and leads its new technology era. We hired pipe technology R&D experts to establish a complete science and technology R&D center, which is responsible for R&D of the company's new products. Achieved the stable upgrade on the stability of pipeline technology, such as, no crack, no pipe explosion, and seamless, flawless, smooth tube wall, clean, unimpeded water flow, antibacterial sterilization, activated nature.

Internationalization Level:
Jiangsu Piersa, based on the internationalization road, imported advanced production equipment, employs first-class modern management system, produces strictly with the double standard of international quality and environmental protection system, and controls layer upon layer to make its product quality win the full recognition of the market. Piersa Pipe Co., Ltd. has set up brand monopolized shops in major cities across the country, publicizes the enterprise culture, generalizes the life concept of healthy and environmental protection, and becomes one of the most respected brands in the industry. Just a few years, it has won the double harvest of popularity and reputation.