PP-R Water Supply System

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PP-R High-Ranking Home Decoration Pipe

Random polypropylene (PP-R) pipe uses the hot melt technology in hot and cold water transport engineering, its comprehensive technical performance and economic indicators are better than that of galvanized pipe, UPVC pipe, aluminum-plastic steady-state pipe, cross linked polyethylene pipe and polybutylene pipe, it's the leading products of water supply pipe in European and American developed countries. Use reinforced modified plastics alloy steel as raw material; add a variety of additives and low and high temperature resistant raw materials to trial-produce successfully. According to authoritative data display, the aging period of this kind of composite material is more than 50 years; it's tested qualified by the national chemical building materials test center. It's known as green advanced water supply material without scale formation, rust and leakage.

»Performance features:

1, Healthy, non-toxic and green building materials, used for pure water and drinking water pipeline system;
2, corrosion resistance and scale formation resistance, avoid basin or bathtub's yellow spot or rust caused by pipeline corrosion, and pipeline blockage caused by corrosion and scale formation.
3, Resistant to high temperature or high pressure, water temperature transported by pipeline is up to 95 ℃.
4, Heat preservation and energy saving: Its coefficient of heat conductivity is only one two hundredth of metal pipeline, the effect of heat preservation and energy saving in hot water pipeline is excellent.
5, Light weight: its weight is only one seventh of metal pipeline.
6, Good-looking appearance: its inside and outside wall are smooth, fluid resistance is small, color and luster is soft, appearance is attractive.
7 The installation is easy and reliable: Use the hot melt connection, complete within several seconds, it's safe and reliable.
8, Long service life: its service life is more than 50 years under the specified, long-term and continuous working pressure.