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PE-RT Oxygen Resistance Pipe

With a large number of plastic tubing application in heating and hot water system, when the hot water temperature is 40 ℃, oxygen permeability is greater than 0.1 mg/(L/day), the metal heater, metal valve, pipe fittings, radiators, water pump, etc in heating system will appear serious corrosion. The experts and users also gradually pay close attention to oxygen permeability problem. In recent years, many experts put forward, oxygen resistance requirements of DIN4726 standard should bring into the national standard as soon as possible. PE-RT Oxygen Resistance Pipes, with the dual advantage of oxygen resistance performance and PE-RT, has emerged. As the only oxygen resistance pipe brand in accordance with the industry standard in China, Piersa PE-RT oxygen resistance pipes service the floor heating market.

»Performance features:

1, Good Stability---Long Service Life.
Good homogeneity, stable performance, good creep resistance. Used for 50 years in the heating and hot water system.

2, Good Shock Resistance---High Safety.
Bear the lowest temperature of -70℃, transport or construct in low temperature environment; the ability of resisting outside force bump is much higher than the other pipes to prevent the system damage caused by brutal construction.

3, Good flexibility, it's easy to construct or bend against stress cracking
Pipeline is easy to bend, don't rebound after bending. Avoid damage in the use process due to stress concentration. Don't need to preheating pipe in low temperature environment construction, construction is convenient.

4, Hot melting connection is easy to repair, simple installation, convenient maintenance, highly cost effective.

5, Superior oxygen resistance performance, oxygen permeability rate is far less than German DIN standards, three layer oxygen resistance structures can use weld connection and repair.