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PE-RT Floor Heating water pipe

PE-RT is heat-resistant polyethylene, is a kind of anti-cross linked polyethylene used for hot water pipe; it's also called "heat-resistant anti-cross linked polyethylene. It is a kind of medium density polyethylene with special molecular design and synthesis process, it applies the copolymer method of ethylene and octylene, control the quantity and distribution of side chain to get the unique molecular structure, and improve the heat resistance of PE. The existence of octylene short branched chain makes the PE large molecules cannot crystallize in a crystal plate, but in a few crystals. This formed a connection between the crystals, retains its good flexibility, high heat conductivity and inertia, better pressure resistance. This method is similar with common PPR on the market at present. PE-RT pipe can be used for all level hot water pipes in ISO10508.

»Performance features:

1, Non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, It's a green environmental protection pipe and its various health indexes meet the national standard.
2, acid-proof, alkali resistance, creep resistance, anti-aging, excellent long-term hydrostatic and good impact resistance. 3, Smooth inside or outside wall, small hydraulic resistance; 4, excellent flexibility and weld ability. 5, Recoverability. 6, Good heat preservation performance, energy-saving, and heat preservation. 7, Installation is simple and reliable, adopt advanced hot melting to connect without leakage.