HDPE water supply and drainage system

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HDPE corrugated pipe

As a new type of lightweight pipe, HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe has the advantages of light weight, good performance of external pressure resistance and health, quick construction, long service life, etc. At the same time, it also has stable chemical properties, good electrical insulation, and strong ability of aging resistance or environmental cracking resistance, wide applicable temperature range, good comprehensive mechanical properties, strong bearing capacity. It has more advantages on comprehensive project cost, and can save a lot of money and time for the user in the field of non-pressure drainage or pollution discharge and correspondence cable engineering, is an ideal alternative of traditional drainage or pollution discharge pipe.

»Performance features:

1, Unique structure, high strength, excellent compressive resistance and shock resistance;
2, Smooth inner wall, small friction resistance, big flows;
3, Compared with the cement pipe and cast iron pipe, the weight of polyethylene double-wall corrugated pipe is light, the price is cheap;
4, Corrosion resistance, non-toxic, pollution-free, environmental performance is outstanding;
5, Convenient connection, good joint seal, no leakage;
6, light weight, it is easy to carry, the labor intensity is low, construction progress is fast, installation time is short, cost is low;
7, Belong to the flexible pipe, the adaptable ability of underground and ground environment is strong;
8, Good weather fastness and long-term thermal stability, the buried service life is over fifty years.