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MPP cable protection pipe

We take modified polypropylene as the main raw materials to produce Power cable trenchless modified polypropylene (MPP) protective pipe by special formula and processing technology, it's a new type of plastic pipeline, has a series of advantages including high strength, good heat resistance performance, easy installation and cost savings. Modified polypropylene trenchless pipe is widely used as protection pipe of power cable and communication cable, its horizontal directional drilling method highlights its product personality much more in trenchless traction construction, it meets modern cities' development demands, and is suitable for burying in 2 ~ 18 m. With remarkable social benefit and economic benefit, safely and reliably construction, short construction cycle, trenchless pave pipe technology has advantages without polluting the environment, affecting traffic, damaging stratigraphic texture small, transporting and stacking mixed soil, high cost.

»Performance features:

1, Excellent electrical insulation properties.
2, High heat distortion temperature, low temperature impact property.
3, Tensile, compressive performance is better than HDPE.
4, Light weight, smooth, small friction resistance, hot melt welding butt joint.
5, The long-term usage temperature is - 5 ~ 70 ℃.