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PE water supply Pipe

HDPE pipeline is the fastest application growth of global plastic pipeline systems, it's widely used in various fields with advantages of light weight, good flexibility, corrosion resistant, convenient construction, Anti-seismic, health, environmental protection, long service life, low comprehensive cost, etc. Introduced into our country since 1990s, the period of rapid development, popularization and application has come after over 10 years' development.

Jiangsu Piersa has started to produce HDPE pipeline since establishing the factory, introduced international famous HDPE pipeline production line, adopted high-quality special material, its product quality is excellent, and won the unanimous praise of the market with more than ten years' rich experience in engineering construction, perfecting system supporting ability, professional and efficient service concept.

»Performance features:

1, Good seal performance
PE pipe uses connected by fused, electric melting connection, hot melting butt joint, hot melting socket welded and mechanical pipe fitting connection, the junction strength is higher than the pipe itself, it don't fracture because of soil move or load.

2, good softness
PE pipe has the unique softness, its elongation is more than 500%, bending radius can reach to 20-25 times than the size of pipe diameter, it's easy to move, bend and penetrate when laying. Due to welding joint axial load without leakage and release, so don't need high cost "anchoring " at the junction and bend when laying.

3, Anti-seismic, shock resistant
PE pipe don't appear fracture under heavy pressure, because of strong adaptable ability of pipeline foundation, it's difficult to damage when pipeline foundation appears differential settlement and displacement, because of the low demand of pipeline foundation, it can greatly save cost.

4, Good abrasive resistance
The abrasive resistance of PE pipeline is four times than that of steel pipe. Compared with steel pipe, PE pipe has longer service life and better economical efficiency in the field of slurry transportation.

5, small water flow resistance:
PE pipeline has the smooth inner surface; its friction coefficient is 0.009. Smooth surface and no adhesion properties ensure PE pipeline has higher transfer capacity than traditional pipe to reduce its pressure loss and energy consumption of water delivery.

6, Convenient carry:
PE pipeline is lighter than concrete pipeline, galvanized pipe and steel pipe, it is easy to carry and install, less manpower and equipment needs means greatly reducing the engineering installation cost.

7, A variety of new construction modes:
PE pipeline can use a variety of construction techniques to install, except for the traditional excavation method, it can also use a variety of new trenchless technologies to construct, such as pipe jacking, directional drilling, liner, crack pipe, etc. It's the only option for places without allowing the excavation, so the application fields of HDPE pipeline is much wider.